The Flashcards App

Your study app and vocabulary trainer for Android

The Flashcards App is a powerful tool to build your vocabulary or to memorize and study anything.



You can not only create question-answer flashcards, but also flashcards with pictures and even multiple choice flashcards.

Sharing Flashcards with friends

It’s also very easy to share your flashcards with your classmates, fellow students and friends. This is especially interesting if you are a teacher who wants to share flashcards with your students.
And of course you can also send your flashcards from your mobile phone to your tablet and vice versa.

More Features

The app can also read out your flashcards in other languages. That makes learning new languages like Spanish, French, German or Chinese much easier.

Other features include question and answer swapping, shuffled flashcards and answers, a countdown function, different learning modes and easy drag-and-drop sorting of your flashcards. You can even format the text of your flashcards to highlight important words or phrases. The following styles are available for that: Bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough and text color.

Keep track of your progress

Detailed evaluations of your success and learning progress will also help you achieve your learning goals.
There is also a backup feature that let’s you upload your flashcards to our new platform for free.
That way your flashcards are secured even if you ever should loose your phone.

From elementary school to high school, whether for your high school diploma or simply for your homework: the Flashcards app prepares you and supports you on your way to better grades.

You can create up to 50 flashcards with the free version of the app. Other than that there are no limitations. If more flashcards are needed you can unlock the Pro version for a small one-time-payment from within the app. After that you can create an unlimited number of flashcards.

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