Flashcards App

Privacy Policy


When transfering your flashcards from one device to another via the flashcards-transfer feature of the app, your flashcards will be temporarily transfered and stored on the Flashcards App server. The device to which you wanted to send the flashcards will be immediately informed that flashcards are ready to be received. If the user of the device accepts to receive the flashcards, they will be downloaded from the server and immediately after that removed from the server. If the user of the device does not accept to download the transfered flashcards, they will be automatically removed from the server after 24 hours. The upload and download of the flashcards happens by using TLS-encyrpted HTTPS and other security measures.

Camera and Photos

Adding images to your flashcards requires us to access your device's camera and photos. The access will only happen if you use that feature and grant us the permission when asked by the app.